The other city of love


Hey there! I would like to introduce you to another city of love. No. It is not Paris. It is not the city, where the romance happen. It is, actually, not a city – it is the small town of Balchik on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, which is sinking in the sea a little every year. If you don’t know it, here you can read about it – Balchik.

So, why do I call it a city of love? There is a story about the romanian queen, who lived here and who fell in love in a simple sailsman. He happened to be a muslim and she was a christian. In order to show her love for him, she arranged a mosque to be built at her palace, so he can pray there every time he is visiting her. Nowadays, the palace is a landmark of the town.

When you wander trough the streets you can still feel the santimental spirit everywhere. Here I would like to show you photos of the place I grew up in.






_MG_2293 - Копие